Seminário -Elizabeth Rochat em Paris.

Um seminário no qual as aulas resgatam a analise dos textos clássicos da Medicina Chinesa , nos

Informações Especificas


03/05 - Sexta-feira: das 18h às 22h.

04/05 - Sábado: das 08h30 às 12h e 13h30 às 17h30

05/05 - Domingo: das 08h30 às 12h e 13h30 às 17h30


Carga Horária: 25h


 Valor: R$ 1200,00 à vista e R$ 1350,00 à prazo em ate 12x.

Data: 25 e 26 de Maio 2019.

Local: Rua Quintino Bocaiuva 272 Santa Maria.

Maiores Informações pelo telefone (55)(3242-6300) de segunda a sexta das 9.00 as 12.00 e tarde das 14.30 as 17.00 ou pelo e-mail

WhatsApp 55-997062368 mensagem a qualquer horário.

+ Informações do Curso

Who can apply to be featured in The European Art Guide?

Artists, sculptors, photographers and designers over the age of 18 who live in or were born in one of the European countries.

However, you must have received a personal invitation to apply after one of our talent scouts or the founder Gina Cinnamoni have found your art on the internet or at a physical exhibition to be given priority to participate.

If you have not received a personal invitation, you can contact us via Instagram or Facebook where you briefly state that you are interested. Attach your e-mail address and we will return with an invitation that we think your art fits in this year's edition. Otherwise, you can wait until September and apply for one of the remaining places.

How visible am I in The European Art Guide?

You and your artworks participate on 2 - 6 full pages in The Nordic Artguide with 2 - 8 artworks. In other words, you have a very good opportunity to catch the interest of important people in the art industry. If you also win our cover competition, you will maximum your exposure!

Will everyone who applies be published in The European Art Guide?

No! We strive for quality, diversity and variety. In addition, we want to know that you as an artist are serious about your art career. Therefore, it is at first required a personal invitation to apply, after our talent scouts have found your art interesting. Other artists can apply for the remaining places when we have recieved an answer from the invited artists. When we scouted for Nordic artists for The Nordic Art Guide, all places were filled so fast that we even had to say no to invited artists! So we recommend that you act fast if you are interested!

Will The European Art Guide also be sent to the rest of the world?

No, but if you are interested in being seen by 300 museums and galleries in every part of the world, then let us know! We've got plans to do a one-time-only special edition in 2023 or 2024.

Can I be on the cover of The European Art Guide?

At the end of the application period, a competition will be announced where the followers will vote for five finalists. We will select a work from one of these five finalists that will adorn the front and thus be guaranteed to be seen by everyone who holds the book in their possession. BUT, it is possible to have your art work on the back cover as a PLATINUM PREMIUM artist!

Why is it so important to be seen in The European Art Guide?

It's easier than ever to publish your art online and reach a wider audience. At the same time, competition on the internet has increased enormously! This means that as an artist you either have to be extremely skilled at keyword optimization or have to spend a lot of money on marketing. Even if you do this, you do not know if it is the right people who see your art. When you participate in The European Art Guide, you stand out from the crowd. On one hand, you are presented in a stylish way, which strengthens your image as an artist. On the other hand, you reduce the competition by being part of a physical presentation. There is a much greater chance that a well-made art catalog will be saved and read again than that your own email will be read once or, in the worst case, get stuck in the spam folder. The guide will be published once a year, which provides continuity and the opportunity for readers to see how you develop as an artist. It may take a few years before the galleries get in touch, as they want to see your development and that you are serious about your art. In addition, participation in The European Art Guide gives a beautiful plus point on your CV.

What will I get if I say yes to the invitation to The European Art Guide?

- Your art is shown to more than 200 European galleries, museums and art dealers. - You get priority to participate in next year's catalog. - You get priority to show your art at exhibitions, expos and events that The European Art Guide arranges around Europe. Not only as part of the art guide, but also at physical and digital exhibitions. - You participate in 250 - 1000 printed copies of The European Art Guide, of which you will receive a copy sent to your home at no extra cost. -You get an outstanding merit to add to your artist CV. -You participate in an art book that will be available for sale on Nordic websites such as AdLibris, Bokus and for libraries to buy.

Does it cost anything to participate in the European Art Guide?

In life, we often make chances and investments to move forward and develop. Likewise when participating in The European Art Guide. Our experience is that most artists need to sell ½-3 works of art to get back the few hundred euros required to participate in the European Art Guide and to be seen by at least 200 galleries and museums in the European countries.

We are responsible for 2-3 full-time salaries for designers and layouts, printing of 250-1000 art books in Northern Europe, shipping costs and packing for mailing to galleries and museums, sending duty copies, distribution to book dealers, contact with book publishers and so on. All you have to do is create, provide us with information and pictures and then sit back for a while.


What happened to the Nordic Art Guide?

The Nordic Art Guide 2021/22 was so popular that we couldn't even open the application for non-invited artists! 65 artists from the Nordic countries will grace 250 pages of the first edition of Nordic Art Guide. It will be printed in Aug/Sep and will be sent out to 100 art galleries in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.